BMW E-Sys with ICOM Software 2 in 1 HDD Comes with latest version 3.24.2 for BMW E-SYS, 05/2014 for bmw icom, you can use it for bmw icom A1, bmw icom A2, bmw inpa cable and BMW OPS.

Software includes: BMW E-Sys, bmw coding tool, bmw EWS editor, BMW IBAC generator, BMW INPA software, BMW Itool radar, BMW expertentool, BMW NCS dummy

We also can offer BMW Expert Mode to ISTA/P, and also can offer BMW FSC Generator if you need.

Software Version:  BMW E-sys 3.24.2

                                    BMW ICOM 05/2014 ISTA/D 3.43.00  ISTA/P 52.3.002

                                    BMW EWS Editor 3.2.0

                                    BMW INPA V5

                                    BMW NCS Dummy

HDD Capacity: 320GB

HDD Type: Dell Series:  E6420/ D630/D620/E6400/E6410/E6430

                  Lenovo Series: R6/R61/G570/X201/X200/X201/T60/T61/T400/X61T/X60/X60T/E49/T410/E420

Requirements of the laptops for this BMW E-SYS and bmw icom HDD:
Make sure your laptop CPU at least T7500, and the RAM should be 4G or above, to ensure the software run moothly, if your laptop can not reach this configuration, the software will be not able to run.

Notice: This BMW E-sys is professional software for bmw cars, we are not able to offer technology support for it, so please make sure you can use it before you place order for it .Thanks.

With E-Sys you can program flash ECUs and encode them.

In addition to that E-Sys offers a bunch of editors and viewers for editing the populating with data necessary for that.

Vehicle Data Vehicle OrderThe name of the loaded vehicle order.

ReadRead out the actual vehicle order from the vehicle.

LoadOpen a vehicle order from the file system.
SaveOpens a file dialog to save the vehicle order.

Edit Change to the FA-Editor and open the vehicle order file.

SVT Actual Read (VCM)read out the vehicle order from the vehicle.
Read (ECU)read out the vehicle order functionallyLoadOpen a vehicle order from the file system.
SaveOpens an file dialog to save the SVT.
EditChange to the SVT-Editor and open the SVTKIS/SVT target I-StepAvailable integration stepsCalculate TAL from all data and load it for processing into module TAL-Processing

Load Open an SVT from the file system.

Save Opens an file dialog to save the SVT.

Edit  HW-IDs from SVTactualHWEL, HWAP und HWFR elemente from SVTactual will be copied to the ECUs in the target SVT

Detect CAF for SWEnot supportet yet

Coding CodeCode the ECU.

Read Coding DataRead the coding data from ECU.

Code FDLCode the ECU with the selected FDL.

Code Default Values

Code the ECU to the default state.

Read out the CPS.

Parallel TAL-Execution

If checked coding will be executed parallel.

Stop TAL on error

if checked the coding will stop if one error occurs.

Filter SVT tree by selected process class

SVT Reset  SVT/SVK-Ist/Solland delete SVT tree

Reading Vehicle Order and VIN

After reading the vehicle order the VIN will always be read too and put into the vehicle order (FAList/FA/FZAuftrag/Header/Vinlong).

The vehicle order and the VIN will be read from the master ECU. If an error occurs they will be read from the backup ECU.

BMW ESYS 3.24.2

BMW EWS Editor

BMW Coding tool

BMW IBAC Generator


BMW Itool Radar



bmw icom istap