Calculate VEDOC, FDOK codes, DAS password by OBD2;truck explorer locksmith 228
Read/Erase fault codes;
Full Fault errors report;
Set Torque or Speed limit.

What also you could do with License CALC and VEI device over OBD? 
1. Read VEDOC code for disable AdBlue with DAS in original way.
2. Program key with VEDOC code

Includes hardware: VEI device, MB adapter, USB cable.
Includes licenses:  MB CALC, 2011+, DIAG, EXTRA.
Support and updates are NOT included.


1. License CALC

This software module - calculates access codes compatible VeDoc Fdok X1, X2, X8, XA, XT, XN  algorithms used in DAS / Xentry diagnostic software.
For FDOK (XT and XN) calculations algorithms  not needed connection to the truck.
For VeDoc (X1, X2, X8, XA) VEI must be connected to vehicle diagnostic port.
Software module also include DAS password generator - calculates passwords access some special functions (MR downgrade from Euro 4, 5 to Euro 3 etc. MR1_96)

2. License 2011+

For PLD with microprocessor Infineon XC2287 secured microptruck explorer starter 460rocessor.Struck explorer starter 944
Software module support PLD with firmware versions: 22B, 23E, 24B.
Doesn’t support PLD what have firmware versions: 21x, 23F, 24C, 25x, 26x these version covered by additional license.

3. License Extra

Speed limit. aplicable for CPC drive control modules
NOx torque limit. FR and CPC
Erase exhaust faults (AdeBlue system fault source repair must be done firstly)


Supported MB PLD (ECU, MR):
1. Temic Euro2 PLD 1: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F200AB, 1 EEPROM NM93C56)
2. Temic Euro2 PLD 2: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F200BB, 1 EEPROM NM93C66)
3. Temic Euro3 PLD 1: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F200BB, 1 EEPROM NM93C86)
4. Temic Euro3 PLD2: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F400BB, 1 EEPROM NM93C86)
5. Temic Euro4-5 PLD: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F400BB, 2 EEPROM NM93C86)
6. Continental Euro4-5 PLD: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F400BB, 2 EEPROM NM93C86)
7. Continental Euro5 PLD: (MCU XC2287 (flash 768kB),  1 EEPROM M95640).
8. Continental Euro5 PLD: (MCU XC2287 (flash 768kB),  1 EEPROM M95640).


Truck Explorer NOT includes 12 months Update and Support Service.

Shipping worldwide is 80 EUR.