Learn key for MB by OBD2 or DirectConnect cable;
Learn key for MAN by OBD2;truck explorer locksmith 228
Immobilizer ON/OFF for MB by OBD2;
Read/Erase fault codes;
Full Fault errors report;
Set Torque or Speed limit.Includes hardware: VEI device, MB adapter, MAN adapter, USB cable.
Includes licenses: MB KEYS, MAN KEYS, 2011+, DIAG.
Support and updates for 12 months is included.

1. License MB KEYS

 Key transponder programming module allow program up to 8 keys for Mercedes trucks, engine and drive control units.

Allows adding new keys for the Mercedes truck over OBD or DirectConnect cable. Operations can be do offline, only connection to the vehicle or ECU (PLD/MR) required. DirectConnect cable give possibility to check vehicle WSP module and transponder key functionality.

It is possible to make up to 8 new keys without present key. Erase all programmed keys. Switch immobilizer system off (required for vehicles with immobilizer faults).  Enable truck immobilizer system.

Models: All models equipped PLD (MR) & FR/CPC & WSP modulestruck explorer locksmith 384truck explorer locksmith 564

IMMO OFF/ON on FR and MR.truck explorer locksmith 587

Years: 1998- 2014

2. License MAN KEYS

MAN Keys learn  - allows to add new keys for the MAN truck over OBD. No additional equipment is used, all operations are done offline, only connection to the truck required.:
Key programing for MAN truck without MASTER KEY on FFR & PTM
Years: 1999 - 2014
Key can be programmed with DirectConnect cable to FFR or PTM.
It is possible to make new key while connected to the unit via:
 - OBD (FFR/PTM is mounted inside truck) or
 - direct connection with DirectConnect cable cable (FFR/PTM is placed on your table).

3. License 2011+

License "2011+" for FW 22B 23E 24B form 2011 year.

4. License MB DIAG

It able to Read DTC with error description. Clear DTC. VANs on this moment not supported.  
Read and Erase fault codes. 

Supported Mercedes PLD (MR):

1. Temic Euro2 PLD 1: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F200AB, 1 EEPROM NM93C56)
2. Temic Euro2 PLD 2: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F200BB, 1 EEPROM NM93C66)
3. Temic Euro3 PLD 1: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F200BB, 1 EEPROM NM93C86)
4. Temic Euro3 PLD2: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F400BB, 1 EEPROM NM93C86)
5. Temic Euro4-5 PLD: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F400BB, 2 EEPROM NM93C86)
6. Continental Euro4-5 PLD: (MCU C167CR, FLASH AM29F400BB, 2 EEPROM NM93C86)
7. Continental Euro5 PLD: (MCU XC2287 (flash 768kB),  1 EEPROM M95640).

Supported MAN with FFR and PTM
Truck Explorer includes 12 months Update and Support Service.
VEI device has 12 months warranty.Shipping worldwide with DHL is 80 EUR.