License FR for Truck Explorer.

License FR for Truck Explorer.license fr 382

Switch immobilizer system OFF (required for vehicles with immobilizer faults) on MB trucks via OBD. Also, if needed, switch immobilizer ON.

Program module for Read & Write FLASH & EEPROMs (C167 and ST10Fxx microprocessors) of drive control modules FR and CPC. Operations available over OBD connection or thru DirectConnect cable.

Supported FMR; FR; FR/CPC; CPC1EU; CPC2EU.

Models: All models equipped PLD (MR) & FR/CPC & WSP modules

Years: 1998- 2014

Not supported: CPC2 NAFTA; CPC2+ NAFTA; CPC4 NAFTA; CPC3; ADM2; ADM3